November 11, 2009

Newly Rich People

Uncle Chev is invited to the Karaoke bar by one of his friends.
The first time he went there, he asked to listen to the song " Oh! What a poor man!"



The second time he went there three weeks later, he wanted to hear " Ah! How lucky!"



He just sold his land at a good price.

The third time he went there, one month
later, just after he pocketed the money from the sale of his land,
he wanted to sing: " Where did your virginity go? "



The fourth time he went, three months later, he asked to put on " Life is so short "



meanwhile he was infected by AIDS.

On the fifth time, his friend came to the Karaoke bar by himself,
and he asked to put on the traditional " Khlang Khek"



the one that is played during funeral… this time, it is for the
memory of his deceased friend!

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